Closure of Contest applications!

On 30 September we closed the applications for the Warsaw Wind Ensemble Composition Contest 2020. Nearly 50 compositions from around the world have been submitted!

Warsaw Wind Ensemble Composition Contest 2020 is held in two categories: international and Polish.

31 compositions were qualified to the category I – international:

  • Aftermath (Thylacine)
  • Atrato (Memorias, Suenos y Vientos) (P4LD13S D13V4M)
  • Aurora (LdN6p74)
  • Awake, Arise, Affirm (AAA4030)
  • Big Scottish Heart (G13b9#11)
  • BLINDNESS for Wind Ensemble (PLJ)
  • Cycle of Life (Fede1234)
  • DIGRESSIONI E PENSIERI N. 2 (A 1 7 0 3 1)
  • Double Third Festival (SL2020)
  • Ecce, reges deiectos! (CSM1979)
  • Growing Light (a24cp)
  • IN THE TOWER (Xerxes021)
  • Independent People (For Symphonic Band)
  • Let the Sand Rest Upon Dragonspine (UPb6a34b)
  • Madonna of the Lilies (ALU724)
  • mass surge (18m1923)
  • Miracle of the Vistula (572483)
  • Miracolo della Vistola (100anniversario)
  • Prins Hatt (LOM)
  • puff (Cobalt27)
  • Reflections in Moving Water (TF45615)
  • Rhapsody on Japanese Nursery Rhymes (JN1009)
  • Sea Winds (PACS1314)
  • SHUNANGUI (Mona)
  • Stowarzyszenie Wejście (X63c1906)
  • The Parade Grounds (øü)
  • Thence (10645F)
  • To you Bulgaria (march)
  • UTAKATA NO SORA (Stardust) (hy2020)
  • Vortex – Concertino for Wind Ensemble (Peko44)
  • When The Volcano Blew (VR72X)

18 compositions were qualified to category II – Polish:

  • AA20 (SPES)
  • Bagatela (SC245)
  • BATALIA (N35XC68K445)
  • Carpathian voyage (CV139)
  • Four Shadows of the Samurai (QXYZ113)
  • Hachiko (Hachiko2022)
  • JOKE (OPEL 2007)
  • Marsz Medalistów (T-21)
  • Polonez Uroczysty (LUTNIK 4619)
  • Rajtarska fantazja (ADAKS)
  • Sztandar (SCRIPTOR 20)
  • Szumbras (1313)
  • UNTER DER LINDEN (Aleja pod Lipami) (LINDEN-19)
  • Uwertura Koncertowa “Wojsko Polskie” (exercitus2020)
  • Warsaw Wind (Jesien123)
  • Weselisko (2020ENVY)
  • Zawrat (Civis1)

Works in alphabetical order. Until the results of the Competition are announced, the compositions are signed with pseudonyms.

The evaluation of the works and the selection of the winning composition will be made by the international Jury:

  • Prof. Alicja Gronau DMus Hab. (Poland) – composer and music theoretician, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, chairwoman of the jury
  • Chris David Westover D.M.A. (USA) – conductor and composer, Denison University
  • Ryan Latimer DMus (UK) – composer, University of Birmingham
  • Eunho Chang Dmus (South Korea) – composer, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw
  • Lt Col. Adam Czajkowski (Poland) – conductor and arranger, long-term head of the Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Army Forces in Warsaw
  • Mariusz Dziubek DMus (Poland) – Director of the National Wind Orchestra in Lubin
  • Daniel Cichy PhD (Poland) – Director – Editor-in-Chief of PWM Edition
  • Jakub Nikiel (Poland) – composer, PWM Edition, editor of Biblioteka Orkiestr Dętych series
  • Jarosław Praszczałek DMus (Poland) – Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, secretary of the jury and coordinator of the Contest

The results of the Competition will be announced on 10 October.

The final gala of the Competition, during which the winning compositions will be premiered and awards will be presented to the winners, is planned for 28 November 2020 at the Ursynów District Cultural Centre in Warsaw.